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The Amazing tour full of Strawberry !(2/27Mon.-2/28Tue.)

1月 30, 2017

[Sweet, Hot & Cool Strawberry Picking & Snow Scene at the Strawberry-Hot-Spring] is an unsurpassed strawberry tour focused on you.
The tour is mainly designed for those who live in Sendai and Tokyo.
English and Chinese speaking guides are with you.
You can fully enjoy a rare experience; eating a fancy strawberry, taking a strawberry bath, and playing in soft snow in 2 days and 1 night.

[February 27th (Mon)- 28th (Tue)]
The travel fee ¥29,000.
About 12 people participants.

If you want to apply for this tour,
Please fill in [Reservation form] and send us by email.
Please send to [info@tabimusubi.co.jp],
and put a e-mail title [Sweet, Hot & Cool].

★Reservation form
First Name:
Middle Name:
Last Name:
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy):
Gender :M/F
Telephone Number:
Mobile Number:
Email Address:
Emergency contact details:
Start :Sendai Station/Yamashita Station
Optional tour:A.Shiogama(+\5,000)/B.Sendai(+\4,000)/not reserve the optional tour
Others:(If you have any Question about this trip,please send to a message.)

Please join us !


[Day 1]2/27 Mon.
Meeting place is at Yamashita station, which has just taken up the threads in last December for the first time in 5 years and 9 months after the tsunami. In front of the station, a reminiscent mural painting draws your attention.
Visiting cutting-edge ICT strawberry farm of ICHIGO WORLD which has been making so-called “edible diamond”, Migaki Ichigo. Also, the 100% strawberry sparkling wine is ready for you.
At night, you will stay in the luxury private room with private open-air hot spring of Aone Onsen which is located at the foot of the snow mountain, Zao.
Enjoy local dainty foods and the Snow Scene at the Strawberry-Hot-Spring of the hotel only.

[Day 2]2/28 Tue.
After playing in the snow around the hotel, you can eat your fill of Specialties and town walks.
You have a choice of the optional tour(Extra cost) between “Shopping & Ox-tongue; Sendai” or “Sake brewery and Sushi; Shiogama”.

2/27 Mon.
13:48 Depart from Sendai Station(Joban Train Line) → 14:27 Arrive at Yamashita Station
14:30 Gather at Yamashita Station
At the station, hearing the pre and post disaster situation by the local people (about 20 min).
Take a walk to ICHIGO-WORLD(about 15 min).
15:30 Strawberry Picking + Cutting-Edge Strawberry Farm + 100% Strawberry Sparking Wine and Sweets of Strawberry (about 75 min).
17:00 Move to Aone Onsen (70 min by the bus).
18:15 Arrive at Aone Onsen; Dinner, Hot-Spring(Snow Scene at the Strawberry-Hot-Spring)

2/28 Tue.
6:30(Around) You can enjoy beautiful sun-rise at your hot-spring!
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Playing in the snow(Sled, Snowshoes walks, strawberry hunting game, etc.)
10:00 Move to Sendai Station(50 min by the bus)
11:00 Optional Tour
 A:”Shopping & Ox-tongue; Sendai” (+\5,000)
 B:”Sake brewery and Sushi; Shiogama”(+\4,000)
14:00 Dismiss at Sendai Station(Or, go your separate ways at Shiogama).